More than twenty actives and alumni made the trip down to Urbana to participate in this year’s Summer Work Weekend, tackling projects that have been long neglected in this building to make the Lodge as comfortable a living space as possible.

Brother Matt Murphy, ZΔ ’90, led the charge in power-washing the side porch. The porch, which should be a regular gathering space, did not appear to have been cleaned in several years. The resulting buildup of dirt and gunk rendered the porch simply a space for storage. Now the actives will be able to utilize the space for rush or brotherhood events, or just to relax or study during the semester.

Andrew Salazar, ZΔ ’16, put his painting expertise to good use, supplying much of the paint needed to give the first floor of the Lodge a clean new look and helping the actives in completing the painting job.  Todd Fouts, ZΔ ’89 took charge of a project in the basement while Jeremy Doser, ZΔ ’97, took charge of the landscaping, trimming bushes that had gotten out of hand and edging the entire yard.

Paden Thomas, ZΔ ’14, did a phenomenal job in planning and executing the work weekend. Several other projects were completed as well, and Paden taught some of the actives about home maintenance issues that may save them time some time and frustration in the coming year.

Special thanks too to all of the hard work of the actives who showed up, including Josh Samson, ZΔ ’20, #1, Tim Gilmore, ZΔ ’20, #4, Kyle Fouts, ZΔ ’18, Patrick Killigrew, ZΔ ’19, John Murphy, ZΔ ’20, Jalanni Matthews, ZΔ ’20, Manuel Hernandez-Estrada, Jr., ZΔ ’21, and others.