Socializing during the COVID-19 era has proven difficult, but if there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that whiskey makes everything better. So in an effort to bring our alumni together and help each other through these tough times, the Zeta Delta alumni board will be hosting a monthly “Whiskey Wednesday” online gathering on the second Tuesday of every month.
In advance of every Whiskey Wednesday, we’ll suggest a whiskey or two for you to go out and buy (if you don’t already have it on your shelf), and then we can enjoy that whiskey together, discuss the nuances, and just have a good time.
Our first whiskey suggestion is Maker’s Mark 101. Everyone’s favorite entry-level wheated bourbon is now being offered at a respectable 101 proof. It’s widely available at a reasonable $35-$40 price point, and is sure to be an enjoyable sip.
If you’re ambitious, grab yourself some Wild Turkey 101 as well, and we can compare two distinct styles of bourbon at the exact same proof point. 
So please, grab your favorite Glencairn or rocks glass and join us on Whiskey Wednesday by following the below Zoom link. or by entering the following Zoom Meetings information:
Meeting ID: 846 5585 6159
Passcode: 052512.