Welcome to the new and improved Alumni Corporation website!

Hello friends,

If you came here expecting to find the old, purple, 1999-style Alumni Corporation website, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but our website overhaul is now complete!

I hope you take some time to look around and explore the new site. On the menu bar you’ll find our local history, so you can refresh yourself on the story of Alpha Zeta Delta. You can now securely pay your dues or make a donation online here, which will entitle you to vote on all matters put before the full Corporation at the annual meeting or at any special meeting that may be called. And you can sign up to participate in our new career guidance program here. Simply fill out the short form to add your name to our database of potential mentors and we will match you up with an undergraduate brother looking to get into your chosen profession.

I want to especially thank Brother Todd Fouts, `89, who created the old website back in the late 1990’s. The website was cutting edge at the time, and served an important purpose for the Alumni Corporation for many years. Special thanks also go out to Brother Bill Novak, `03, who maintained the website for the past 10+ years and kept it filled with informative and entertaining content. Finally, a special “thank you!” goes out to Brother Brian Sarna, `03, who designed and will maintain our new and improved website. Brian has spent a countless number of hours overhauling our site, and we could not be more thankful.

We hope you enjoy and make use of our new website on a regular basis. We will continue to keep the site update with the latest news regarding how the Alpha is doing as well as upcoming alumni news and events. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact us at AZDChiPsiCorp@gmail.com at any time.