Because the Illini-Wisconsin homecoming game kicks off at 11:00 a.m., this year’s annual membership meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 19 at the Romoser Lodge located at 710 West Ohio Street in Urbana, Illinois. At that time, elections will be held to select a new slate of officers and directors and a proposed set of revised bylaws will be voted on. The proposed, revised bylaws are posted below for your review. For easy reference, the current set of bylaws are posted as well.

Proposed New Bylaws

Current Bylaws

The purpose of the bylaw revisions is to modernize the bylaws to streamline the way in which the corporation and board of directors will operate in the 21st century. One of the proposed changes does away with the need to send formal notices of meetings by mail, providing instead for electronic notification to alumni by email.  For that reason, we implore all of you to keep your email addresses current with the board. This can easily be done by updating your contact information at Additionally, we encourage all alumni to join the official “Chi Psi Alumni AZD” Facebook group and follow us on Twitter @AZDAlumni to stay up-to-date.

Another addition to be made will be to formalize the addition of all undergraduate members of the Alpha as members of the corporation. In order to qualify as a 501(c)(7) organization with the IRS, all undergraduate members must also be members of the corporation. While undergraduates have not traditionally been able to vote at full meetings of the corporation, the board believes that undergraduate trustees should be entitled vote as well as any undergraduate who chooses to pay membership dues to the corporation.

Finally, the new bylaws will move the date of our annual meeting from Homecoming in October to the Alumni Reunion Weekend that will be held in the early part of the Fall semester going forward. Rather than asking alumni to fight traffic, overpay for hotel rooms and split time between Chi Psi and U. of I. activities, hosting a Chi Psi-centric event earlier in the year will provide alumni with a better opportunity to come see the Lodge and bond with the undergrads.

In addition to voting on the new bylaws, alumni will be asked to elect a new slate of officers and board members. The open positions are as follows:

President (1 year term)
Vice President (1 year term)
Secretary (1 year term)
Treasurer (1 year term)
Trustee (2 year term)
Trustee (2 year term)

There will also potentially be a third trustee position open as Paden Thomas, ZΔ ’14, has been nominated to fill the office of Vice President. If he is elected, we will need to elect a trustee to serve the second year of his two-year term.

Finally, we are always looking for alumni to volunteer to serve on our committees. The corporation’s committees, along with current committee chairmen, are listed below:

Alpha Relations (Cameron Wall, ZΔ ’11)
Alumni Events and Outreach (Jeremy Doser, ZΔ ’97)
Property and Risk Management (Paden Thomas, ZΔ ’14)
Scholarship (Matthew Hess, ZΔ ’00)
Fundraising (Paul Parks, ZΔ ’03)
Rituals and Traditions (Todd Fouts, ZΔ ’89)

If you are interesting in nominating yourself or someone else for a position on the board or on a committee, please contact me at [email protected] or Cameron Wall at [email protected].

For information about getting tickets to the football game, please contact Bill Swick at 630-878-5273 or Jim Hastings at 815-275-8766.