Lodger Wedding Pictures

If you have any pictures to share from a Chi Psi alumni event, please send a copy in JPG or GIF format to Bill Novak '03. Please include the name and date of the event.

Blake Hafenrichter '02 and Melinda Clough (former Maid of Chi Psi)
July, 2005 -  5

The happy couple enjoy a dance together.

In what will be a scene played out for the rest of their lives together, Melinda forces a laugh to one of Blake's jokes.

Mark Veliz '02 and Grete Savage
July 17, 2004 -  Pictures courtesy of Mark Veliz '02

The happy couple.

Everyone relives a Mug Nite by singing American Pie.

All in all, there was quite a turnout in Cincinnati.

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