Robert C. Preble, Jr.


Robert C. Preble, Jr., X '44

About the Scholarship

The Robert Preble, Jr., Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship presented annually to Chi Psi juniors who demonstrate all-around excellence in scholarship as well as fraternity, campus, and community service.

About Robert C. Preble, Jr.

A former National President (#7) of Chi Psi, Robert Preble, Jr., X '44, comes from a family of Chi Psis, most of whom are alumni of Alpha Zeta Delta at the University of Illinois, including his father, Robert Preble, Sr., ZD '19.  Other relatives from Alpha Zeta Delta are his uncle, Kenneth J. Preble, ZD '25, brother William W. Preble, ZD '46, and cousin Kenneth J. Preble, ZD '52.  In addition to serving as #7, Brother Preble served as Chairman of the Chi Psi Educational Trust and was a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award, Chi Psi's highest honor.

Past Winners