Temple Hoyne Buell

Memorial Scholarship

About the Scholarship

The Temple Hoyne Buell Memorial Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship presented annually to new freshmen men who exemplify the ideals of The Chi Psi Fraternity as demonstrated by Brother Buell in a lifetime of service to the fraternity, the university, and the community.  Applicants are not required to join the fraternity to qualify for this scholarship.

About Temple Hoyne Buell

Temple Buell, AZD '16 succeeded Brother H. Seger Slifer, E '12, as the National President (#7) of Chi Psi Fraternity in 1967.  A cousin of an earlier #7, Clifford H. Williams, Brother Buell was the fifth recipient of the Albert S. Bard Award, presented for his achievements in improving the lot of mankind through intellectual and cultural endeavors.  After being gassed in World War I, he moved to Colorado and was nursed back to health by the Brothers of Alpha Psi Delta at the University of Colorado.  Subsequently he began investing in real estate and opened what soon became the largest architectural firm in the Rocky Mountain area.  Achieving a national reputation for what became known as the "western style" in building design, he was responsible for developing a large portion of the area around Denver, and he built the prototype of the modern shopping mall at Cherry Creek Shopping Center.  Toward the end of his term as #7, Brother Buell gave the Chi Psi Educational Trust a one-half million dollar challenge grant, whioch was the foundation of the Trust's campaign "To Ensure a Program for Excellence."  Always an avid supporter of his alma mater, Brother Buell donated the funds for the construction of the Temple Hoyne Buell Gallery, located in the Architecture Building. Shortly before his death in 1990, Brother Buell donated an additional $6 million to the University of Illinois for a new architecture building on the South Quad, which is now appropriately named Buell Hall.

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Applications can be submitted on paper forms by U.S. Mail or electronically via e-mail.

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